Speaker: Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Reconnect with Your Sense of Belonging

So many people report feeling out of place in the world, without a sense of deep belonging. As we approach the end of the Jewish High Holy Days, let’s take inspiration from this time of turning and returning to find our way back. How might this holiday help us reconnect to our sense of belonging to ourselves, to each other and to the world?

Expectations of Our Faith – Part I

As we begin our new congregational year, what are our expectations of this faith? Of ourselves? Sometimes, we don’t even notice we’ve gotten stuck in a limited view of what’s possible.  What if we expected our participation in life to actually change things, or change us? What might happen then?

Called by Beauty

UU minister Scott Taylor writes, “Beauty does more than soothe and heal. It demands. It calls. It doesn’t just say “Love and appreciate me.” […] It paints a picture of new ways of living and declares, “Follow me there!” What might it look like to … read more.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

In this evening filled with story and song, we touch an ancient mystery: the humble birth of new hope, new love, and new light into the world. Tonight’s services will feature musicians Nonetta Shataksian on piano, Tina Q. Kambil on alto sax, Westminster’s choir singing … read more.