Speaker: Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

December 8th: Amazing Grace

Historically, awe has been a feeling reserved for the gods. Yet, our UU theology tells us there is a spark of divinity, a spark of God, in every human. What does awe, or reverence, look like in our everyday relationships? What could it look like?

Two … read more.

There is Room at the Table (this service includes a surprise!)


Story: In God’s Hands by Larry Kushner and Gary Schmidt



It might have kept going that way indefinitely, the story tells us.  Jacob, the rich man, coming to synagogue, falling asleep, waking up and walking home. And David, the poor man, coming and cleaning … read more.

From Attention to Intention: Building Foundations Under our Dreams

“You have built castles in the air. Now build foundations under them.” What we pay attention to has an impact. What we notice, where we look, who we see all affects what we end up doing. How might focusing our attention help us bring our loftiest intentions to life? How might we bring all of our dreams a little closer to reality?

Where Your Heart Is

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21, Christian Bible. We pay attention to money: our bank accounts, our retirement funds, whether we have enough for a vacation or that smartphone. And we pay attention to our hearts: whether we are sad or happy, frustrated or serene. But what might we learn when we focus not just on one or the other, but on the relationship between the two? How are our “treasure” and our hearts connected? And what might that show us about how to live our lives?

Reconnect with Your Sense of Belonging

So many people report feeling out of place in the world, without a sense of deep belonging. As we approach the end of the Jewish High Holy Days, let’s take inspiration from this time of turning and returning to find our way back. How might this holiday help us reconnect to our sense of belonging to ourselves, to each other and to the world?

Expectations of Our Faith – Part I

As we begin our new congregational year, what are our expectations of this faith? Of ourselves? Sometimes, we don’t even notice we’ve gotten stuck in a limited view of what’s possible.  What if we expected our participation in life to actually change things, or change us? What might happen then?