Speaker: Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Worship Sunday October 24, 2021

The Gospel of Doing Nothing

It takes time to cultivate relationships. And time is exactly what many of us feel we do not have. Or, can’t grant ourselves. Why? Let’s see what insights Rev. Darcy Baxter’s “Gospel of Doing Nothing” might have for us.
We will be … read more.

Worship Sunday October 3, 2021**

Cultivating Relationships

Our theme this month is cultivating relationships. In a world that tends to drive us apart, where experts speak of a “loneliness epidemic” in the United States, where isolationism and individualism build on each other, how can we reverse … read more.

Worship Sunday June 13, 2021 MultiGen

Appreciation Sunday: Say Yes
Saying “Yes, and…” is the foundation of improv, and you could say it’s the foundation of a full, rich, interesting life. On this “Appreciation Sunday,” we explore what “saying yes” looks like in practice, in family life, congregational life, or anywhere. … read more.