The purpose of Westminster’s Caring Circle is to foster a dynamic caring culture in our church community.

We foster a Spirit of Community, in which we share and find strength and common purpose. We turn our minds and hearts toward one another seeking to bring into our circle of concern all who need our love and support: those who are ill, those who are in pain, either in body or in spirit, those who are lonely, those who have been wronged.

We are part of a web of life that makes us one with all humanity, one with all the universe.

We are grateful for the miracle of consciousness that we share, the consciousness that gives us the power to remember, to love, to care.

Fred Gillis, Minister Emeritus

Caring Circle Mission

To coordinate the care and support of our members, families and friends when they are in need.

What do we offer?

  • Coordination of meals
  • Home visits
  • Listening and supporting
  • Hospital visits
  • Rides to church
  • Holiday gift baskets
  • Sending cards to help people feel connected and included
  • Organization of needs
  • Medical equipment loan program

Our Covenant with the Congregation

  • We will respond to a request in a timely fashion.
  • We will respectfully let people know when we are able or unable to do something.
  • We recognize we can’t be everything to everyone.
  • We will respect individual confidentiality.
  • We will communicate with the congregation.

Caring Circle Members’ Covenant with Each Other

  • I will be considerate of my fellow members by arriving, starting and ending on time.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of what is said during the group meeting.
  • I will speak from personal experience (“I” statements) and refrain from giving advice (“You” statements).
  • I will participate but also self-moderate, so that others may also speak.
  • I will strive to listen to others fully and deeply.
  • I am responsible for keeping the discussion on track.
  • With the help of everyone in the group, I will ensure that the group Covenant is followed and affirmed.

Form to Volunteer and Request a Helping Hand

Sometimes special circumstances arise when the Caring Circle needs some additional help from other volunteers. At other times folks could use a helping hand themselves. If you need a helping hand or wish to volunteer for special services when they are needed, complete a Caring Circle Volunteer form from our Caring Circle Brochure (also found in Smith Hall) and return it to Laura Evans, Rev. Elllen Quaadgras or our church Office Administrator. If you wish further information about our Caring Circle, please contact Laura Evans through the church office at 401-884-5933 ext.1.