As part of living Westminster’s mission to SERVE and to CONNECT, the Caring Circle provides short-term support to church members, families and friends. In times of acute need, our volunteers can provide rides to appointments (and to church when we are in-person), run errands (like grocery and medication deliveries and library returns), and provide prepared meals. Caring Circle volunteers also send cards and notes to members and friends offering cheer, hope and support.

Could you use a helping hand? Please let us know – we are here for you. Reach us by emailing [email protected] or by leaving a message with the church’s administrator at 401-884-5933. Please let us know your name, the best way to contact you, the type of help you need and when you need it. A Caring Circle volunteer will be in touch with you to coordinate.

Some members may want to share their circumstances with the congregation, while others prefer privacy.  The Caring Circle is committed to respecting confidentiality.

Are you interested in volunteering with the Caring Circle? Please join us! Volunteers are needed. Please email [email protected]. Let us know if you are interested in card-writing, providing rides, running errands, or organizing or participating in meal trains.