We at Westminster Unitarian Church (WUC) recognize the importance of creating a community in which everyone is safe.  This responsibility is particularly important with respect to our children and youth.  We recognize that religious communities are particularly vulnerable to incidents of abuse because of the high level of trust, the welcoming spirit, and the strong reliance on volunteers, especially in programs for children and youth.

To minimize the risk of abuse in youth and children, we recognize the need to adopt policies and procedures to guard against such incidents.  As a people of faith, we look to our Unitarian Universalist Principles to guide our policy-making.  We apply our affirmation of the worth and dignity of all people and our search for justice, equity, and compassion in human relations to these policies, which support our being together in the community.

We recognize that to adequately address the need for a safe environment, we will need to make changes and sacrifice some convenience; we know, however, that it is our responsibility to respond to the reality of our situation and to protect our children and youth.

In this spirit, we endorse the following Child and Youth Protection Policies

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To learn more about the work of the Safer Congregation Team and view our Sexually Safer Best Practice Congregation certification click HERE.