Men’s Group

Starting some years ago at the time of the birth of the “men’s movement,” the Westminster Men’s group is actually several small groups whose purpose is to provide mutual support, friendship, and a place to discuss the day-to-day issues in our lives. Meeting times and places vary by a small group and often by the time of year. A meeting may be in the evening at the church, over breakfast at a quiet restaurant, or at a group member’s home. We share the joys and trials of our lives, our common experiences, and our deepest thoughts in a trusting, fully confidential setting, learning from and drawing strength from each other. Group size is approximately six to ten men, and we welcome new members of all ages and backgrounds — straight and gay, married and single, those raising families and empty-nesters. If existing groups become too large, we are always ready to be guides and mentors for establishing a new group. We also occasionally do social or recreational activities or participate in service projects, but our primary purpose remains to provide a trusting, caring, circle of men for mutual support and friendship. For current contact information, contact Allen Mongeau at

Women of Westminster (WOW)

Several years ago, the Women’s Group (Women of Westminster) evolved from meeting once every three weeks to every week. Our weekly meetings, to enhance and encourage spirituality, social justice, mutual support, and personal empowerment for each other, have been going strong ever since. We determine our weekly programs three times a year at potluck dinners. Fall, winter and spring programs, usually held in Fellowship Hall, include book discussions, social/community outreach, crone ceremonies where we honor our mature wise women, women’s issue films, women’s history, and other events and activities. We start with a short business meeting, followed by that week’s activity, then refreshments and socializing. Less formal summer meetings include excursions to various programs and activities. We celebrate the eight seasons of the year (the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days). The group is open to all women, who are encouraged to come as frequently as they can. The Weekly Eblast lists meeting dates, times and topics for up to three weeks. For current contact information, please call the church office. To view the fall 2021 meeting schedule please click here. To view a video about WOW please click on the image or click here.

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