Speaker: Amy Abel

Worship Sunday, May 26, 2024 10:00 AM

“Peace of Mind”
A personal  potpourri of reflections on coming to a peaceful place. The  journey of good mental health, consideration of the person we are meant to be and making space to remember Memorial Day.

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Worship Sunday May 28, 2023 video

“From Decoration Day to Memorial Day Weekend”

How do we create sacred space for remembrance with the increasing distractions of the modern era? For this memorial service please bring a photo or photos of deceased family veterans or other family and friends that you … read more.

Becoming a Better “U”

Beginning a creative journey of self-discovery to find our best selves, our life’s mission, while connecting with our UU values.  To quote Doug Adams: “life, the universe and everything”.

One Service at 10am in Smith Hall

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