Author: WUC Admin

Coronavirus Response – Updated Recommendations

Memo from the Bridge Team – February 2, 2021

While there is reason to be optimistic about defeating this pandemic with ongoing vaccinations, there is still uncertainty about new strains and time-frames. Therefore, until we know more, and in line with our UU values, … read more.

Zoom Setup Help

If you are new to Zoom, don’t worry, it is accessible. Instructions are below. Email [email protected] if there are any issues.

Installing for the First Time (Smartphone and/or Computer)

From a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC), just click on the above meeting link. You … read more.

Committee Meeting Scheduling 2019-2020

A friendly reminder that All Committees must complete a Calendar Scheduling Form for their committee meetings as well as forms for any special programming that will be held throughout the year (e.g. Soup Sunday, Craft Fair, Clothing Sale, etc.).  Blank forms can be found on … read more.