Coronavirus Response – Updated Recommendations

From the Bridge Team to the Board of Trustees:
Updated Recommendations April, 2021

Recommendation for Individual or Family Conducting Yard Work:
Individuals or family units may visit the church to perform outdoor work using their own tools and maintaining a 15-foot distance from other individuals and/or family units. 

Recommendation for Small Group Outdoor Gatherings:
All Westminster affiliated groups whether they meet onsite or offsite must comply with the following guidelines:

  • No more than 20 people in a group
  • 6-feet social distancing
  • No entering the building
  • Bring your own chair and food 
  • No sharing of food or other items, no central table 
  • Take trash and leftovers home 
  • Masks required
  • Do not attend if you have a fever or are feeling ill 
  • One person at a time may enter the building to use the restroom
  • Start gathering with a covenant about following recommendations

Indoor Gatherings Recommendation:
At this time, individuals and groups are not allowed indoors with the exception of the Minister, staff, worship leaders, and the Sharing Locker team. The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Do not enter buildings if you have a fever or are feeling ill 
  • Wear a mask if more than one person in space (e.g., hallway, room)
  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing
  • Limit the number of individuals in the building at any one time to ten (10)
  • People entering the building must sign into the sign in log 
  • No more than one person at a time in a restroom
  • if a person who has been on church grounds does become sick with Covid-19, they must contact Westminster’s office administrator, Marisa Albini