Coronavirus Response – Updated Recommendations

From the Bridge Team to the Board of Trustees: June 17, 2021 Revised Recommendations 

Returning to church in-person will be in stages. The first and safest stage is to open up the outside to gatherings, and the recommendation is:

Guidelines for meeting outside: Westminster is “open” outside, all are welcome to come

  • masks optional but encouraged;
  • must wear masks if less than 3 feet apart
  • recommend masks for those with unvaccinated people in their households
  • one person at a time may enter the building to use the restroom

Returning to in-person worship services, will be in a hybrid format to ensure inclusivity. That is, any in-person service will also be viewable through Zoom online for those who wish to remain home. We tentatively plan to begin this in August; however, the Bridge Team will meet on July 7th to go over the data, making sure RI is still in the “green zone” to give the definite yes or no for the August start of the hybrid service. The decision to choose August for a “soft open” was in part because other RI UU churches are planning to reopen in-person in August or September, Ellen is leading a service in mid-August that may work for our first attempt, and because this will give us time to get the infrastructure in place and the volunteers to help make this a success. So, the recommendation is:

Guidelines for Worship – hybrid format potentially to begin in August:

  • On-line option will always be available
    • recommend households with those not vaccinated view the service online
  • Inside, wearing masks is mandatory
  • Inside, 6 Feet distance between each individual / pod
  • Number of people will be limited and based on square footage in Smith Hall
  • Listening to music only, no singing
  • Anyone that feels ill or has any Covid type symptoms should stay home and attend remotely

Guidelines for Carpooling:

  • If driving with non-family members, all persons in the car must wear a mask
  • Ensure good ventilation by opening windows or using the fan vents with outside air circulation