Church members have asked for – and will now receive – regular Call to Action steps on local current events where your participation is needed and could be the most effective in moving social justice efforts forward.  Please review the following items to see how/where you wish to participate.  Let’s see each of our Westminster members and friends in action:

  • Taste of Faith Picnic:  -See More information above
  • Attend church on September 15th when Rev Ellen will preach on a climate-related issue.
  • Global Climate Strike – The week of September 20 – 27 has been set aside for awareness/education/action around the climate crisis.  Here’s how you can participate: ATTEND THE SPECIAL CLIMATE STRIKE RALLY in Providence on Friday, September 20, from 10 am to 5pm at the State House.  We will CAR POOL from Westminster, leaving at 9:15 am.  Let us know you want to ride with us by emailing:  Jan Searles, or Bob Walker,
  • Come see An Endless War: Getting Out of Afghanistan – See more information above
 If you are unable to participate in any of the above opportunities for action, consider the following:
  • Make a donation to the local Sierra Club, Southside Community Land Trust, Save the Bay
  • Read The Green New Deal:
  • Walk, bike, bus, train or carpool to work