Zoom Setup Help

If you are new to Zoom, don’t worry, it is accessible. Instructions are below. Email videohelp@westminsteruu.org if there are any issues.

Installing for the First Time (Smartphone and/or Computer)

From a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC), just click on the above meeting link. You will be guided through the installation.

From an iPhone or iPad, please click here from your iOS device to install the Zoom app from the App Store before clicking on the above meeting link

From on an Android smartphone or tablet, please click here from your Android device to install the Zoom app from Google Play before clicking on the above meeting link

The connection is established by clicking on the meeting link or putting the meeting link in your web navigator. The navigator will the open your installed Zoom app with your permission (say yes) with the correct meeting room.

Telephone Audio as a Complement to Internet Video or Stand-Alone

You will be asked to connect through your device’s or computer’s audio. Say yes. If you have spotty internet access, you can choose to use a telephone audio connection. You will need to 1) dial 2) enter meeting ID, 3) enter paticipant ID. See the below image for help. If you are asked to activate your video, say yes. Audio and video are the two buttons on the bottom left. Audio will work best when you use a headset or earbuds that came with your phone (with an attached microphone).


Here is a link to audio troubleshooting (a common enough issue):