One Service at 9:30 AM: IndivisibleRI is one of many Indivisible organizations around the country, founded in the aftermath of the Trump election, to fight against unjust policy initiatives such as the Muslim ban, doing away with an affordable health care system, and the loosening of environmental protection laws.  Kamila Barzykowski, an area director for … Continued

Father’s Day

Two services at 9am and 11am in the sanctuary:  I’ve heard it said that in this culture, we tend to look to fathers for protection, affection, and affirmation. What does fatherhood mean to you? Let’s take the opportunity of this Father’s Day to reflect on our own experience of fatherhood, even as we take time, … Continued

The Big Wish – Flower Communion

One Service at 9am in Smith Hall: As we approach summer, trees, plants and flowers are growing everywhere. And as we approach the end of our congregational year, we celebrate all the ways this community has supported the growth of its children. This Sunday we honor our bridging senior and appreciate all those who have invested … Continued