Speaker: Rev. Tom Schade

Marching to the Beat of A Different Drum

Contemporary Unitarian Universalism was formed during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Some of the very eldest UU’s still remember those days. It was during these decades that Unitarianism shifted from thinking of itself as “the most enlightened wing of the Protestant Establishment” to staking out an … read more.

Who We Trust

I was at one of those many conferences about growing Unitarian Universalism,10 or 15 years ago, when it came to me to ask the question: Why would someone want to be a UU?

Actually, the question was a little more sharply focused. What does a … read more.

Home Another Way


First Reading: The Day Millicent Discovered the World.


The Day Millicent Found the World


Every morning Millicent ventured farther

into the woods. At first she stayed

near light, the edge where bushes grew, where

her way back appeared in glimpses among

dark trunks behind her. Then by farther paths

or openings where … read more.