Worship Sunday July 31, 2022 In Person ONLY

We will worship in Smith Hall only today. There is no on-line service.
Masks are required for in-person worship.

What if God is not Perfect?

The 12th-century theologian, Anselm of Canterbury, posited a proof of God that proposed that God must exist, because the very definition of God is that God is the greatest being that could possibly exist (therefore, perfect). Since it is better to exist than not to exist, if God did not exist, God would not be the greatest being that could possibly exist. The 17th century philosopher, Benedict Spinoza, posited the very same proof of God’s existence, yet Spinoza also posited that God is everything — the entire universe: the stars, the trees, you and me.  

But we know that the universe is not perfect, and is not finished (what perfect really means).  It is always growing and changing. 

What would it mean if God is not perfect?   

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