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Creating Home

Scott Taylor writes “Just saying the word ‘belonging’ conjures it up: The hunger to be included; the longing to be let in. […] It’s the hoped for Holy Grail at the end of our journeys…. Or is it just the beginning?” Congregational life is a … read more.

Who are we? “Whose” are we?

From the time we are born we are defining who we are – I like sushi, but not broccoli. I prefer tennis to ice hockey. I want to go into politics or absolutely not. And from the time we are born our identity impacts “whose” … read more.

Movies and Living Our Real Lives

The Rev. Douglas Wilson was born in Vancouver, grew up in Santa Barbara, and fell in love with the music of the Beatles and Bob Dylan in the mid-sixties. He graduated from UCSB in religion and philosophy and from Starr King School for the Ministry … read more.

Reconnect with Your Sense of Belonging

So many people report feeling out of place in the world, without a sense of deep belonging. As we approach the end of the Jewish High Holy Days, let’s take inspiration from this time of turning and returning to find our way back. How might this holiday help us reconnect to our sense of belonging to ourselves, to each other and to the world?

Expectations of Our Faith – Part I

As we begin our new congregational year, what are our expectations of this faith? Of ourselves? Sometimes, we don’t even notice we’ve gotten stuck in a limited view of what’s possible.  What if we expected our participation in life to actually change things, or change us? What might happen then?

Water Communion

As we anticipate the twists and turns of another chapter of our lives, may we remember we are not alone in it. In this opening service of the congregational year, please bring a sample of water from a place that has meaning for you (a … read more.

A Labor Day Picnic in Verse

Hosted by Lady Estelle and Deb Weaver

Sunday, September 1st, will be your last opportunity to attend a 2019 Summer Service. Lady Estelle Barada will capture your imagination with a lesson on the Origins of Labor Day. Do you have a favorite poem? Pick one verse … read more.

Autumn Gardens

Presented by Mort White and Sandy Norris

One Service at 10AM