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On Beauty

One Service at 9am in the Sanctuary
Bridging Ceremony 9am
Religious Education Classes for children and youth at 9am
Nursery Care for children 6months to 4years at 9am
Congregational Meeting at 10:15

Pig’s Egg: A Flower Communion Service

All Ages Worship – Our theme this month is curiosity. As we witness flowers popping from the ground this spring, let us bring our curiosity and wonder to the process of growth, change and the birth of new life. We will honor mothers and all … read more.

The Present Moment: Everything Will Change Again

Unitarian Universalism Today: the state of our faith and its yearning for wholeness.


In 1997, the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly passed the Business Resolution calling upon the Unitarian Universalist Association, in all its many forms, an anti-racist and multi-cultural organization. In time, that phrase “anti-racist and … read more.

Painting Your Masterpiece

Rev. Tony Lorenzen shares thoughts on how each of us is an artist and each of us creates a masterwork, an artistic accomplishment only we can achieve.

The Rev. Tony Lorenzen serves Hopedale Unitarian Parish in Hopedale, MA and currently serves as a Good Officer for … read more.

The Lucky People

What does it mean to be lucky people?  Is good fortune a creation we can bring to pass on our own or are we far more dependent on external circumstances?

Rev. Phyllis B. O’Connell recently retired from parish ministry after 25 years.  She served the Melrose … read more.

And then everything changed some more…

What UU’s learned through the process of the Welcoming Congregation, not only about our LGBTQIA co-religionists, but also about the process of change.



Adrienne Rich tried to point out that there was a moment  “when the name of compassion was changed … read more.


Diverse paths in spiritually coming to terms with the pain of personal transgressions

The Rev. Dr. Robert R.N. Ross is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister in Final Fellowship who is also accredited by the UUA to work specifically with congregations in transition.  He has recently been a professor … read more.

The Great Reformation

That sustaining, creating, and transforming current that carried Unitarian Universalism through the 60’s seems to have vanished in the early 1970’s. But it re-emerged from a new source: the Women’s Reformation of Unitarian Universalism. It changed almost everything.

The Women’s Reformation


In January 1970, right at the … read more.

The Inner Quest 

All around the world and throughout all of our history, human beings have found the metaphor of a journey, quest, or adventure especially well-suited for describing the process of coming to understand one’s own self. We find the language of ‘journey’ in myths and legends, … read more.