Minister’s Corner February 2023 Rev. DL Helfer

Good February, all.

What, I wonder, is beginning to take shape, to take root, in your life? And that’s both a tangible and philosophical question.

For those gardeners among us (and I think there are many), it’s almost seed-planting time. Those delightful weeks visiting plant nurseries, ordering seeds, of anticipating what might be part of our gardens this year. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, knowing that before long we’ll be able to check on baby plants growing under plant lights, watch them take shape, and honor their ability to take shape under such a wide array of circumstances.

After last year, with the drought, our decisions are shifting. Perhaps more drought-resistant plants make sense, certainly more flowers for the bees that we keep and for all the animal and insect beings we share the land with, and, definitely, more hot peppers. This was the year we learned about making fermented hot sauce – yum!

What is taking shape in you, I wonder? What seeds of possibility are taking shape? Are you able to nurture ideas that emerge?

As we settle in for the rest of this winter, I invite us all to dedicate time each week to that nurturance, whatever form it takes. Allow yourself the gift of time, perhaps some sun and sustenance. Come report back on what emerges, and let us share in the bounty of ideas and possibilities.

With love,
Rev. DL