Cherry Pickin’s – April 2024

Cherry Pickin’s – April 2024
Ministry is full of delightful conversations. Sometimes they’re long and seem to plumb the very Depths. Other times, they’re pretty brief but equally meaningful.
One of the shorter delights recently occurred in the greeting line after a worship service. A Westminsterite mentioned that she appreciated me. She was glad for this transitional time, and she was glad that I was her minister – even if briefly.

I replied with gratitude, but with a corollary, that her presence is much more important than mine. I’m not sure if this wonderful person accepted my response, but I hope she will come to do so.

After all, you can expect me and your other ministers – current ones and those to come – on Sunday mornings.  And, you may, indeed, be glad of it.  But you – and all Westminsterites – are so much more DELIGHTED by the presence of everyone else! Your minister’s presence is the reliable factor, not a surprise. But, your presence – whether via Zoom or on Campus – is a Gift.

And it is, perhaps, the greatest gift that you can give to your congregation. After all, we are nothing if not a collection of souls in search of each other. Our overflowing Sanctuary and Zoom Room on Sunday mornings present a few practical challenges.  And, we will continue to address these matters. But, far more importantly, it shows how precious the gift of Presence is – both when given and when received.

It is fair and reasonable for you to come to services expecting to receive something from your ministers. In most cases, you will.

But, come to services also to give. To give the greatest gift that you have which is, simply and profoundly, who you are. Your presence will make all the difference for your neighbors in ways that you can’t begin to imagine.

With Abiding Faith,
Rev. Eric