VIP and Nursery Spaces Are Available Beginning Sunday, March 6th

We are excited to announce the opening of a new space to welcome our families with children ages five (5) and under back to in-person worship. While we will not provide staffed nursery care this year, we will offer a new Very Inquisitive Person (VIP) area in the Smith Hall alcove near the kitchen during worship beginning Sunday, March 6th. It will be a flexible playspace allowing parents to stay in service with their children and will provide children an opportunity to experience worship in a space where they are welcome to be themselves. The unstaffed Nursery space will be open to parents who wish to give their child(ren) a break from the service. Parents will be able to view worship in the Nursery via zoom.

Your patience is welcome as we roll out this new offering:

  • Parents must remain with their children in both the VIP space and Nursery spaces.
  • Children in the VIP space are encouraged to speak quietly(think library voices) but do not need to be silent.
  • Please leave your toys at home and let us provide play options
  • If your child(ren) needs a break from service, parents are welcome to utilize the Nursery space with their children. The number of families in the Nursery will be limited.