Updated Bridge Team Covid Recommendations April 2022

Bridge Team Recommendations March 29, 2022, approved by the Board on April 3, 2022.


Based upon current public health recommendations at the low risk level in Rhode Island, the Bridge Team is making the following recommendations to the Board:

  1. Rentals
    1. Rentals should follow state mandates regarding masking.  Currently, there is no state mandate for masking.  Therefore, rentals inside the building or on the property do not require use of masks.
  2. Small Groups
    1. Outdoors: masks are not required and shared food is allowed.
    2. Indoors: group participants to decide on masking.  If all agree that masks are optional, then participants can unmask.  If one person feels more comfortable with keeping masks on, then the group all wear masks.  The small group to decide if they will use an anonymous method, such as a ballot box, to make this decision.  Small groups may have food indoors if group agrees.
  3. Coming of Age Workshop
    1. Group participants to decide on masking.  A ballot box is recommended for the Coming of Age (COA) class to maintain confidentiality.  In addition, RE staff will send a communication to the COA class and parents that masking preferences will be solicited from the youth at the beginning of class.  Youth should arrive to the workshop with masks.
    2. Participants in the workshop may unmask during lunch.  If weather permits, eating lunch outside is encouraged.  A table with shared food is allowed.
  4. Worship
    1. Masking indoors is optional.  The church will continue to offer multiplatform services to honor our value of inclusivity.  
    2. Singing will be allowed with masks.  Worship partners or the minister will need to remind participants prior to each song that masks are required while singing.