Worship Sunday March 12, 2023

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Multiplatform Service – In-person in the Sanctuary

To Meet the Asking Years

Is there a special place where you feel safe and secure enough to follow a path of vulnerability? Sometimes a local church is just such a place – other times its a retreat center, a national park, or a patch of forest or beach that we return to over and over again.

In our religious tradition, there are a few notable places where many and diverse people have experienced this special kind of sacred trust and have sought it year after year. One of those places is a conference center in Saco, ME known as Ferry Beach. Our Universalist ancestors have gathered there since 1901 for rest, connection and fun – as well as for the kind of healing that vulnerability invites.

Many years ago Rev. Max Kapp wrote a poem – which later became a hymn – about an experience of vulnerability at Ferry Beach. And, during a recent summer sojourn there, I held that verse close to my heart and discovered much about the dynamics of vulnerability and recovery through it. This morning I’ll share something of what I learned, and what I hope we all can find in days and years ahead – regardless of location.

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