Worship Sunday, July 7, 2024

Questions, Questions, Questions

With readings in the form of questions, join Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly for a thought-evoking service of songs and queries. How do we get along with those who have different views? Do we need to examine our own intolerance? How do we spark change and progress? Where and what is our action? How do we maintain warm-heartedness? Where do we find peace and rest? What does love demand of us?

In this service, Aubrey and Elwood ask challenging questions in an effort to move forward in positive and helpful ways. Their hope, as always, is that all will leave church feeling rested, joyous, moved, and inspired.

“To those who…deny the human spirit, I give you these chroniclers of its joys and sorrows, light and dark, hope and despair and say that they have but liberated what is in us all. Their dancing notes say, ‘Here it is! Humanity’s real self. Look! Isn’t it wondrous?”
— From a poem written about Aubrey and Elwood, “The Folk Singers” by Philip R. Pearson, Jr., longtime member of the First Unitarian Church of Providence, published in his book Poetry is to be Consumed, Vantage Press, NY.
Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly, longtime and beloved folk musicians and dancers from Warren, RI, present American and Celtic music with unique vocal harmonies, guitar, mountain dulcimer, Irish whistle, harmonica, banjo, and more. Aubrey and Elwood have spent decades performing in worship spaces throughout the United States and beyond and have developed compelling “soup to nuts” services with music, readings, and reflections.
For 15 years, Aubrey and Elwood hosted a monthly community spiritual gathering, “Church in the Barn,” on their 18th century farm in Foster, RI, a community experience that they will forever treasure. And for many years, they were part of two theological, action, and contemplation groups in Providence. Married since 1989, Aubrey and Elwood have performed widely in the United States and abroad, and have produced fourteen albums and nine books. They enjoy learning, growing and expanding their theological and spiritual sides when they create their unique services.