Playful Esoteric Adventures with an Absurd Mystic

Led by Athan Phynix’s Merry Band of Divine Fool’s
Athan Phynix: Traveling Spoken Word Artist, Absurdist & Mystic
Dan Pelletier: Classically Trained Marimba Player & Composer
Marco Leclerc: Dr. of Acupuncture & Piano / Melodica Player
Marion Anderson: Tenor & Bass Recorder Player
Jamiel & Aaron: Keyboard & Dejembe
Athan Phynix left Rhode Island on November 1, 2013 with a dream of performing his version of spoken word & improv as well as leading meditations in all 50 states before he turned 50. Now he finds himself back in RI, For the first full summer since 2013, by some miracle with 25 states under his belt. Starting in the summer of 2016 he added undercover clowning to his daily routine thanks to being trained in West Virginia by World  Famous Clown Doctor Patch Adams. While their he created the character No Name the Bunny Clown & was reminded one did not have to look like a clown to bring a smile to someone. Then when he went back for year 2 in the summer of 2017 he was inspired to be Name yet again and create even more absurd characters.  He is thrilled to be back home & able to share his philosophy of traveling, undercover clowning & being absurd as his daily form of spiritual discipline with his fellow Westminsterite’s.
The service also includes sitting & musical meditation as well as the gifts of 6 Amazing Musicians to help us Find Joy Amongst the Chaos!