Rootedness: Finding the changeless in the midst of change

“The only true constant is change” It’s a truism that’s particularly relevant for us, right now. Our society is changing, the we way do church is changing, the ways we relate to each other in our world, in our families – is changing. Sometimes these changes happen quickly the explosion of the use of smartphones and social media is under 10 years old. Sometimes these changes happen slowly – in large part, the ways we American congregations “do church” hasn’t changed much over the generations. But as we anticipate the changes that Westminster’s Thinking About Tomorrow process may call on us to make, let’s consider what grounds us, holds us, and keeps us steady, in the midst of changing times.

Two services at 9:00AM & 11:00AM in the Sanctuary, childcare for ages 6 month – 4 years old at 9AM, Religious Education Classes for Children and Youth at 9AM, the Choir Sings at 9:00 AM


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