What we hold onto, What we let go

First conceived as a New Years service that ended up being postponed a couple of times; the topic has become more rich for me during that time, with the passing of my mother and the process of sifting through a lifetime of keepsakes.  There are things we hold onto in this life.  Physical possessions.  Emotions/feelings.  Experiences and the stories we tell about those experiences.  Habits and beliefs.  When does that “holding on” serve us and humanity?  When (or how) do we really let go.

Martha L. Thoman.  Youngest daughter of George and Molly Thoman.  Caregiver, partner, mother, sister, friend, farmer, teacher, philosopher and naturalist.  Resides near Jerimoth Hill (R.I.’s high point) in Foster.

Music provided by trumpet soloist, Eryk S. Thoman-Thurber.