Order of Service

Order of Service 5-28-2023
“From Decoration Day to Memorial Day”
Led by Amy Abel
Worship Partner:  Al Jeffries
Lay Pastoral Care Associate:  Meg Carroll
Usher: Paula Greenwood

Pianist: Nonetta Shatakhtsian
Tech Host: Jolanda Walter



Welcome and Announcements

Chalice Lighting by Charles F. Flagg

Prelude Amazing Grace by John Newton, soloist Linda Hartley

Opening Words

*Opening Hymn #159 This is My Song

*Unison Affirmation
Love is the spirit of this church
And service our mission
This is our great covenant
To dwell together in peace
To seek the truth in love
And to help one another

Joys and Sorrows

Piano Interlude Song by Diabelli


Sung Response 

Call for the Offering
Our May Share the Plate is The National Council was founded in 2010 by a group of women incarcerated in federal prison in Danbury, CT. Many of them are mothers. The organization works to end the criminal legal system’s forced separation of women and girls from their communities and loved ones through hyper-local organizing, public awareness education, movement lawyering, and the national #FreeHer Campaign. The National Council also organizes against the incarceration of women globally through its International Network. The mission was and still is, to end the incarceration of women and girls.

Offertory Stay with Peace by K. Rebecca

Reading by George A. Tyger


*Closing Hymn #121 We’ll Build a Land verses 1, 2,  & 4

Closing Words by Charles F. Flagg (adapted)

Carry the Flame