Order of Service – April 19 2020

Welcome & Announcements

Opening Words: By Rev. Hannah Roberts Villnave 

Prelude played by Nonetta Shatakhtsian

Unison Affirmation

Love is the spirit of this church
And service its law
This is our great covenant
To dwell together in peace
To seek the truth in love
And to help one another

Chalice Lighting by an unknown author, read by Carolyn Mark

Time of Joys and Sorrow Music played by Nonetta Shatakhtsian

Pastoral Prayer by Rev. Gretchen Haley

Offering and Offertory Music played by Nonetta Shatakhtsian
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Reading “How to Survive the Apocalypse” by Rev. Sean P. Dennison, read by Carolyn Mark

Video: “Listen” by LEA (thisislea.com)


     Spiritual Practice: 

  • Video: Prayer” by Nimo Patel


  • Video: “Praise” written and read by Christine Valters Paintner 


  • Reading“Imagine” by Rev. Lynn Ungar, read by Carolyn Mark
  • Video: “When the World is Sick” music by IfNotNow (SoundCloud), video by Rev. Megan Visser

Closing Music “Blue Boat Home” by Peter Mayer

Closing words

Carry the Flame

** Many thanks to Alice Cialella for serving as lead technical host this morning, to George Johnson for serving as technical co-host and to Chris Lewis for serving as technical adviser. Without the generous gift of their time and support this service would not have been possible.


The Service Will be Followed by Coffee Hour on Zoom! 

  • Breakout rooms of 6-8 will be randomly assigned to all who would like to participate. We’ll do rounds of 10 minutes each. It’s a great way to get to know folks you otherwise might not get a chance to talk to!