OOS 2-27-22

OOS 2-27-22
Led by Karishma Gottfried

Welcome and Announcements

Chalice Lighting:  “We Light Our Flaming Chalice” by Elizabeth M. McMaster

Prelude: Pavane by W.Byrd

Opening Words: “We Are One” by Hope Johnson

Opening Hymn: Small Sweet Step, by Zo Tobi

Unison Affirmation
Love is the spirit of this church
And service its mission
This is our great covenant
To dwell together in peace
To seek the truth in love
And to help one another

Joys and Sorrows: The Winter House by L.Orsa


Song in Response: Keep on Moving Forward by Emma’s Revolution

Offering: Our February Share the Plate Recipient is The College Crusade. The College Crusade prepares and inspires young people in Rhode Island to become the first in their families to attend and complete college.  College Crusade helps students from Middle School all the way through to post-secondary education, via an engaging and diverse staff representative of the communities that they serve. The goals are to address barriers to education and economic empowerment for their students. To donate follow this link:

Offertory: It’s a Fine Winter’s Day by M.Mier

Reading:  “We Are Not Alone” by Michael DeVernon Boblett


Closing Hymn: #318 We Would Be One

Closing Words: “Choose to Bless the World” By Rebecca Parker

Carry the Flame