OOS 9-26-21

OOS 09-26-21
How then shall we live?
Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras 

Thank you to our Worship Partner Renee Bucklin and our Usher Nancy Reed

Welcome and Announcements 

Chalice Lighting  by Rev. Scott Tayler, inspired by and with use of the words of John Schaar

Prelude: Gentle Sunshine by K. Rebecca

Opening Words by Marianne Hachten Cotter

Opening Hymn: #389 Gathered Here

Unison Affirmation
Love is the spirit of this church,
and service our mission.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another.    

Joys and Sorrows: Memories of a Summer by S. Diehi

Prayer Rev. Sara LaWall

Meditative Music/Song in Response: #1011 Return Again 

Offering:  Here at Westminster we share our offering every month with a different organization that shares our values or our mission. This month, we share half our undesignated offering with Hope’s Harvest, which mobilizes volunteers to collect unharvested produce and deliver it to people who need it. As an efficient and effective solution to the twin challenges of food waste and hungry people, farm-based food recovery strengthens our local food system and makes our communities less dependent on food shipped from thousands of miles away instead of what’s in our own backyard. The other half of the offering goes to support the good work of this community. To donate www.westminsteruu.org/donate

Offertory: Waltzing by A. Tansman



Closing Hymn: #1018 Come and Go With Me

Closing words 

Carry the Flame performed by the WUC Congregation