OOS 11-14-21

OOS 11-14-21
The History We Hold in Ourselves
Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Thank you to our Worship Partner Christine Ariel and our Usher Kamila Barzykowski

 Welcome and Announcements 

Chalice Lighting  By Martha Kirby Capo 

Prelude: November Sunrise by E. Weiss

Opening Words by the Soul Matters Team

Opening Hymn: #108 My Life Flows On 

Unison Affirmation
Love is the spirit of this church,
and service our mission.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another.    

Stewardship Testimonial: Carolyn Mark

Lay Pastoral Care Team Commissioning 

Joys and Sorrows: Ecos del Corazon by H. Fernandez tr. by J. Sanzonetti

Prayer by Rev. Andy Pakula

Meditative Music/Song in Response: #1011 Return Again 

Offering: As part of Westminster’s effort to renew our Welcoming Congregations status, we offer up Sage/RI as our Share the Plate recipient. The mission of SAGE/RI is to serve as a leader in identifying and addressing issues related to aging among members of the LGBTQ community; to support aging members of the community and advocate for their rights; and to promote positive images of LGBTQ life in later years. To donate

Offertory: Impatience by F. Schubert

Reading: by George Odell

Hymn: #1012 When I Am Frightened


Closing Hymn: #1018 Come and Go With Me

Closing Words 

Carry the Flame