Exciting Sharing Locker Update


We are thrilled to announce that the Sharing Locker will resume its popular backpack program that had been suspended for two years due to Covid.  Registration for our clients’ children, grades kindergarten through high school, will take place during the June 18 and July 16th Sharing Locker openings.  Backpacks will be delivered to clients during the August 20th session. 

All backpacks will be filled with school supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and the like.  We are currently in the process of comparing prices through local stores.   We also welcome your donations of any of the above supplies.

Plans are also in the works for an all-church fall visioning session – Planning for the Future.  Please watch for details; your attendance will be most important to the future success of our Sharing Locker.

Want to get involved now?  Contact Sue Farrell susan.ema.farrell@gmail.com or Denise Levins dlevs09@gmail.com