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Our Summer 2021 Share the Plate

Plan International USA
Plan International USA is a girls’ rights organization. Their aim is to create a more equal world by transforming the lives of 100 million girls around the world so that they are safe, educated and economically empowered. They clear the barriers that … read more.

Coronavirus Response – Updated Recommendations

From the Bridge Team to the Board of Trustees: June 17, 2021 Revised Recommendations 

Returning to church in-person will be in stages. The first and safest stage is to open up the outside to gatherings, and the recommendation is:

Guidelines for meeting outside: Westminster is … read more.

Sharing Locker Snow Policy 2021

Sharing Locker Snow Policy
At Sharing Locker‘s regular zoom committee meeting this month, members reviewed our operations procedures in the event that a snow storm makes opening problematic. If snowfall or ice create an unsafe environment for clients and volunteers, Sharing Locker will … read more.

Coronavirus Updated WUC Recommendations 10/16/20

Recommendation for Individual or Family Conducting Yard Work: 

Individuals or family units may visit the church to perform outdoor work using their own tools and maintaining a 15-foot distance from other individuals and/or family units.

Recommendation for Small Group Outdoor Gatherings: 

All Westminster affiliated groups whether they meet … read more.

Visitor Information

We are living in unprecedented times. This was the case even before the coronavirus hit, but it’s even more true now. Big change is happening all around us, and it’s calling us to ask big questions.

Not just practical ones like, how do I keep myself … read more.

Thank You Postcard Writers!

Gratitude to the nineteen families who participated. For those who were able to attend the zoom party, Nellie Gorbea, our Secretary of State, made an appearance and shared with us what her office has been doing to make the voting process in RI both easier … read more.