Worship Sunday, May 21, 2023

“Patriotism and Religious Liberalism”

There are many layers of complexity surrounding ‘patriotism’ for religious liberals.  We commonly hold a deep love of the idealistic and foundational values that have served as guiding lights for our country.  Nevertheless, we commit to honest consideration and acceptance of the terrible wrongs that our country has so often perpetrated.  Nothing about patriotism, for us, is simple.

But, while jingoistic patriotism is often at the root of the worst moments in American history, an open-minded and open-hearted patriotism – that avoids the temptations of nationalism – can be an essential counterpoint.  And, embracing that path while defending the fundamental importance of separation between ‘church and state’ is the kind of commitment that a nation that often appears to have lost its bearings most desperately needs.