WUC Usher Responsibilities



WUC Usher Responsibilities (download as pdf)



    1. Bring collection bags, attendance sheets, Orders of Service (OOS), and flower book from the Reception desk in the Church Office to the Sanctuary.  The flower book is a place for people to sign-up to bring flowers for the Sanctuary on a specific date in the future – it also provides a lovely record of who has brought flowers for the sanctuary in the past.
    2. Turn lights on – located to the right of the entrance, near sound closet.
    3. Check sanctuary thermostat. It is located in the hallway behind the pulpit – its set to heat up to 66. And, in the summer the AC cools the Sanctuary to 74. There is a remote control on the wall next to the thermostat that can be used to temporarily adjust the fans (speed and direction) and temperature of the heat/ac units. Please contact the church office if you would like more detailed instructions.
    4.  Make sure Assistive Listening Devices are set out.  These are receivers with headphones that people can use to assist with hearing the service.  There are two of them on the ushers table in the Sanctuary.

    5. Check that chairs and hymnals are arranged well.
    6. If no one has brought flowers, bring out a dried flower arrangement from the music storage room (behind the pulpit) a few minutes before the service begins.
    7. Place 2 collection plates on the altar – usually found on the back usher table.
    8. Light the sanctuary candles, including the joys and sorrows candle.
    9. Smile, greet people, hand out OOS and remind people that they can fill out a Joys and Sorrows slip to be read during the service.
    10. Be alert for newcomers (if you’re not sure, introduce yourself and say “I don’t believe we’ve met”).  Assist older members as needed.  Direct youngsters to the VIP Space as an option.
    11. When people who may need priority seating for accessibility, please assist them. There are a number of chairs that can be moved or removed as needed, and companion seating is also identified.

REMEMBER: If you need help with any of your duties (i.e., Lighting the Sanctuary Candles), please don’t hesitate to ask the Worship Partner for assistance.


  1. At least one usher should be alert in the vestibule for latecomers and to assist with problem – solving if needed.
  2. Remember that the sound of the door and talking carry throughout the building so if latecomers arrive ask them to wait to be seated during an appropriate time.
  3. Inform parents of young children that the “VIP” area has activities for children and is available for quiet play throughout the Sunday service.
  4. Bring Joys and Sorrows slips to the Worship partner or LPC to be read.
  5. As the Offering is being announced, meet the Minister at the front of the church to accept the plates.  Recruit someone to assist if you are alone.  Hand the plate to people moving up the aisles from front to back.  When finished, bring the plates back up the aisle to the Minister.  Count the number of people (including children) in the Sanctuary at the time of the Offering. Write number on attendance sheet. 


  1. Straighten chairs and hymnals that may be out of alignment. 
  2. Collect and recycle all OoS.
  3. Make sure the receivers for the assistive listening devices are turned off and left on the back table in the vestibule.  
  4. Return dried flowers to the minister/music storage room, and bring any donated flowers to Smith Hall.a
  5. Bring the flower book back to the reception desk.
  6. Turn off lights and close windows.
  7. Retrieve the offering and place it in the collection bag.  Bring it into the church office to be counted.  Count cash offering only and write amount on the collection sheet with 2nd usher or staff witness and initial. Note: Checks & pledge envelopes are not counted. Place all cash, checks, pledge envelopes and collection sheet in collection bag and place bag in lockbox in the drawer of the right back corner desk (marked with pink card ). There is a key in the collection bag to open the lock box. After depositing collection bag, lock the box and drop key into key slot in the box.