Usher Instructions Updated March 2022

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the service 




  1. Check the front foyer and front hallway for any stray materials, lost and found items,  folding tables, chairs out of place. Put items away as necessary.
  2. Turn lights on in Smith Hall – located to the left  of the entrance.
  3. Turn (3) air purifiers on to high
  4. Bring the box of worship materials from the Reception desk in the Church Office to Smith Hall.
  5. Make sure the box includes: OOS, visitor cards, paper name tags, hand sanitizer, masks, and collection plates, joys and sorrows slips, extra baskets.
  6. Either a sign up sheet or tablet to check people in for attendance.
  7. Set up the welcome table with tablecloth and welcome items, bring in a small trash can. Make sure chairs are set up.
  8. Distribute hymnals (as needed).
  9. Smile, greet people, hand out OOS and bulletins. Ask people to sign in either on the manual sign-in sheet or Ushers sign people in using a tablet.  See Breeze CheckIn tutorial video Note: all family members – adults and children should be signed in individually
  10. Remind people they are welcome to fill out a Joys and Sorrows slip to be read during the service.
  11. Be alert for newcomers (if you’re not sure, introduce yourself and say “I don’t believe we’ve met”). Ask new visitors to fill out a visitor card or take their information in the Breeze CheckIn app.  Ask those without nametags if they would fill one out.
  12. Assist older members as needed. Direct families with young children to the VIP Space if they would like that option.


  1. At least one usher should stay close to the welcome table for latecomers and to assist  with problem-solving as needed.
  2. Bring Joys and Sorrows slips to the front to be read by the Worship Partner
  3. Latecomers should be asked to wait until quiet portions of service are over before being seated. This is especially important during silent meditation. Seat people only during announcements, hymns, group readings, or interlude.
  4. As the Offering is being announced, meet the Minister at the front of the church to accept the plates.  Recruit someone to assist if you are alone.     




  1. Bring the collection into the office to be counted. Count the cash offering and write the amount on the collection sheet. Have a 2nd usher or staff witness and initial. Note: Checks and pledge envelopes are not counted. Place all cash, checks, pledge envelopes and collection sheet in the collection bag and place the bag in the lock box found in the top desk drawer of the right back corner desk (it is marked). There is a key in the collection bag to use on the lock box. After depositing the collection bag, lock the box and drop the key into the slot in the box.
  2. Straighten chairs that may be out of alignment.
  3. Return all worship materials to box and place on the Reception Desk
  4. Turn off lights and air purifiers