The Social Economic Environmental Justice Committee (SEEJ) welcomes you to UU the Vote.

What is UU the Vote?

If you have attended a rally, written a letter to an elected official, registered a voter, or supported a partner organization, you have already been doing the work of UU the Vote.

UU the Vote is about integrating electoral engagement into our strategies for change so that we are advancing our vision of a just world and beloved community in every arena available to us.

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In moments of moral crisis, Unitarian Universalists know we are called to show up. And 2020 is one of those moments. If we are to survive—as a human species broadly and as a UU religious community specifically—we are called to speak with moral courage and act with prophetic clarity, making our lives and our actions an embodied example of the relevance and saving power of our values and our faith communities.  – from UU the Vote Team Building Toolkit

Over the next few months leading up to November’s election Westminster’s UU the Vote team will be participating in, and inviting you to participate in, activities that

  • Mobilize voters
  • Challenge voter suppression
  • Open the doors of our congregation to the activities of front line communities and justice partners

Each week WUC’s e-blast will inform you of an action you can take.  Vote Forward, described in a recent e-blast, is an example.  Please #VoteLove.  Please join us.


Safe Elections in Rhode Island

 In order to promote safe elections this year, organizations such as Common Cause, the ACLU, and the NAACP are advocating for voting by mail in the November elections.  In Rhode Island “Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and implementing social distancing practices, the Presidential Primary on June 2, 2020 will be a predominantly mail ballot election. All registered voters will receive a mail ballot application.” — the RI Secretary of State website,  Much more information on voting in RI is available on the site.


Safe elections in November during COVID-19

UU the Vote’s mission is to get out the vote and to fight voter suppression which especially victimizes people of color, immigrants, and people in poverty.  Please – call Senators Reed and Whitehouse and Representatives Cicilline and Langevin, and ask family and friends in other states to call their MOCs: In this time of the pandemic crisis, Congress must require that all states offer vote-by-mail to every voter, and Congress must appropriate the funding for safe voting in every state.  For more information, contact [email protected].