Speaker: Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Speaking of Fatherhood

On this last service of the regular congregational year, let’s take time to recognize fathers and fatherhood. Being a dad (or having a dad) is a fundamental part of being human, and the fathering we receive can have a big impact in our lives. In … read more.

Wanda’s Roses

(Flower Communion) As we enter the month of June, trees, plants and flowers are growing everywhere. And as we approach the end of our congregational year, we celebrate all the ways this community has supported the growth of its children. This Sunday we honor our OWL participants, … read more.

The Creative Craft of Motherhood

We forget all the ways in which everyday living requires creativity. Mothering is one of those areas. From the imagination required to entertain young children, to the resourcefulness required to get everyone to art, soccer and band practices, to the ingenuity it can take to … read more.

Reaching for Freedom

Reaching for Freedom
By Rev. Ellen Quaadgras
Westminster Unitarian Church
March 26, 2018

First Reading: By Rev. Kathleen McTigue

Each of us knows a little about what it means to be lost in the wilderness. We know the awful disappointment, akin to despair, of being suddenly … read more.

An Invitation to Brave Space

An Invitation to Brave Space

by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Westminster Unitarian Church

October 15, 2017


Reading  Courage  by Sri Chinmoy



Reading  Empower me  by Ted Loder




Sermon (Listen to the sermon here.)

There are some issues that, simply when mentioned, raise tension.  There are some words that have … read more.

Never the Same Stream Twice

One Service at 9:00am in Smith Hall – “No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and they are not the same person.” So wrote ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus. As we prepare to celebrate our Water Communion, we … read more.