Gratitude, from WUC’s New Developmental Minister

As a Unitarian Universalist, I draw – as do many of you, I’m sure – from endless sources of inspiration and faith. Over time, certain beliefs have proven themselves to be true for me again and again. One such points of faith is reliance on the Quaker notion that Way Opening and Decision Making. In essence, this leans into the notion that when something is “meant to be,” getting there becomes not only easy but often with clear signals from the Universe that it is right and good to do so.

Such is the case with my becoming your Developmental Minister, I believe. 

A bit of history: after I concluded my 5-year ministry at UU of South Country, I guest preached a lot – a lot! – during the first year of my Masters of Social Work Program. I loved the preaching and the variety but began to yearn for connection that forms out of serving a single congregation more regularly. I was delighted, then, when Kamila and Doug reached out with the idea of a twice-a-month preaching schedule here with WUC, for a year. It was quick and easy for us to find common ground, and we all said yes.

And then Rev. Eric was hired. I wondered, though, would I be a needed addition at that point?

As you know, it turns out he and I are a particularly good combination, and you see that and reflect as much to us both. I felt this so acutely that I told Rev. Eric, I’d like to talk about if there’s more possible here, with you and the congregation.

From there, I think you know the story. With both the DRE and RE Director’s unexpected departure, there was a clear need. Before long, Rev. Eric and I had a plan in place for me to join as your Developmental Minister for the balance of this year, and with the Board’s consensus, that became so.

All of this to say, there’s a benefit to leaning into what the world is telling us, to follow those moments of clarity, and to recognize, as well, when a struggle is telling us that a particular direction is not a useful one. As I begin to co-minister to and with you, you will see this reflected in my questions to you, asking, essentially, where is your Spirit leading you? 

We will return to this question with regularity. For now, I am grateful that Spirit has led me to you.


Warmly, Rev. DL