Auction April 22, 2023


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Exciting news for the Spring! The WUC Auction is back! 

This long-awaited comeback will be a wonderful, fun event and a great fundraiser for Westminister. One of the first details we need to consider is donations. There are so many ways we can all get involved! If you have a favorite local restaurant, hair salon, barber, etc. either let us know or ask them if they would be able to donate to the auction! We can do the follow-up with the official information. This is a chance for them to promote their business to the wonderful members of Westminster, so a win, win for everyone! Let me know of any hot leads, it is important we get an early start for the best results! Stay tuned for further details such as date and time. We are just getting started.

Potential Business leads send to

Thanks so much from your 2023 Auction Committee