All Creatures Great and Small: Blessing of Pets – March 7 – 10:00 AM


10:00 am

All Creatures Great and Small: The Blessing of the Pets
Multigen Service Sunday, March 7th 10am

They’ve been there for us, thick and thin. We love them, and they love us. Pets have a special place in the human heart which, arguably, has only grown deeper during the challenges of the pandemic. As we kick off March’s theme of commitment, join us for this special all-ages worship service in which we celebrate our connection with animals, bless them, and lift up all they teach us about commitment, and about life.

Right after worship on March 7th, anyone with a pet is invited to a special, in-person Drive-Through Blessing just for your pet(s). All are welcome! We will also be handing out special treats for dogs and cats. All are welcome!

An Opportunity to Share: What better way to honor our beloved pets than to give them a moment on camera! We invite you to gather your pet(s) or a photo of a pet who lives on in your heart for their blessing during the service.

An Opportunity to Serve: In the spirit of commitment and the important role pets play in so many of our lives, we wanted to create a fun family service opportunity.  Since we cannot gather in a group to prepare the pet food for the Sharing Locker, we are offering the chance for families who would like to help out to pick up a large bag of pet food and bag it into the prepared bags for the March 20th Sharing Locker. If your family would like to get involved, please contact Sarah Quigg at to arrange to pick up your supplies and packaging instructions the week of March 8th.






Khaleesi Quigg          Ginny Quigg, the Guinea Pig








Charlie & Amy                  Walter Gibson Quigg
(Gibby to his friends)