“Drop In” Office Hours in Anticipation of the Election

As we continue to head toward an anxiety-provoking election day, on top of what we were already experiencing due to COVID, a lot of us are feeling the stress. I want to let you know I am here for you! In particular, I will be holding “drop in” Zoom times to connect with me (and each other) on Mondays from 6-7:00 PM (Click here to join, Meeting ID: 978 9449 1462,  Passcode: 627579) and Thursdays from 12-1:00 PM (Click here to join, Meeting ID: 971 1589 2422, Passcode: 150700), for anyone who wants to say hi, share what’s going on for you, or just swap a few jokes for stress relief. Stop by for 5 minutes or stay as long as you like. Hope to see you there! ~ Rev. Ellen