2021 Annual Pledge Drive

Westminster begins with WE…TOGETHER, WE will continue to make a difference!

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2020 is a year that WE will remember. It separated us physically from each other. It strained our resources, and upended our thinking about what church “is”. Yet, WE can take comfort and pride in our response as a faith community – as WE dealt with unknowns, as WE innovated, as WE learned new ways and means of being “together”.

2021 promises to be as unrelenting in its uncertainties and its upsets.  WE will be forced to stay apart, virtually connected, in our worship, our meetings, coffee hours, classes, groups, and activities. WE do not know when or how this ordeal will end; but WE do know that, TOGETHER, WE can endure it.

With your continued support Westminster can have a bright 2021. Can you sustain your 2020 giving level for 2021? Can you increase it by 2%… or by 5%, knowing that some of our people are enduring setbacks and hardships that may limit their ability to give this year?

WE will remain together in heart, together in purpose, together in faith. TOGETHER, WE will continue to make a difference in our lives, in our communities, in the world.

Carry the flame…. until WE meet again.