Annual Budget Drive – What do you feed?…

What do you feed?…

This is the time of year when we all take stock of our journey though the soon-to-end year. We may look, with pride, upon accomplishments and achievements we and those we love racked up during the year… some are life milestones – graduations, promotions, new jobs, marriages – others maybe less monumental, but still important to us – healthy diet, exercise, a project completed, a book read.  Conversely, we may tally up the setbacks – regrets for things we didn’t get done, goals not reached  – and resolve to do better next year.

As we take stock, and look forward to the new year, maybe part of that reckoning is about how you spent your income last year, and how you may spend or save for next year.

If so, keep this old Native American parable in mind —  the story about the two wolves.  It recounts a dialogue between a tribal elder and a young person.  The old sage tells the young person that he has found that he has two fierce wolves living inside him, and that they are constantly fighting.  Amazed, the young person inquires: “What wolf will win?”   The elder smiles and replies, “The one I feed.”

What do you feed?   What do you want to win?    As we recollect and reflect, and set a new path for the coming year, think about what you fed this past year, and what you should feed in the coming year. How will you feed your spiritual needs, that place that speaks to a higher power, that leans towards something larger than yourself?

That’s where Westminster fits into your plans for the new year…it is one of those remarkable places where people gather in community and in faith to contemplate, to learn, to teach, to seek comfort, to give comfort, to sing, to work, to praise, to build, to hope, to grow, together.  We each find things of value in that communion of people and ideas in the place we call Westminster that we do not find at other stops on the unrooted, ever-shifting cultural roller coaster we all ride these days.

So, how will you feed Westminster in 2021?   Do you want it to win?

The Budget Drive ends soon.

       We stand at $216,105 from 121 pledgers.  Are you one of them?

If you have not made your pledge commitment yet, why not?

We are nearing our goal, but still short of it.

Your help now can make Westminster win!

Pledge on-line at or email Jan Searles or George Johnson.