ABD Update – An uphill climb..

Annual PledgeAs 2020 winds towards its close, none of us will miss it.  It is a year that we will remember, true.  A long, haul, uphill all the way.  In 20 or 30 years from now, most of our present miseries will be forgotten to history.  But what should we remember?  What stories should we tell to our grandchildren about 2020?

Surely, among the important lessons will be how its adversities tested us….and found us strong and resilient. Not only how hard the uphill climb was, but that, together, we found the strength, energy and fortitude to make it to the top, and to look over the summit to see a brighter tomorrow.  Tales of courage, strength, cooperation, coping, and triumph should be what we remember.  For our church community, our shared history should recall how we sacrificed yes, but also how we triumphed.  How we found ourselves up to the task – found the courage and foresight to close in-person operations for the safety of our community, and how we pioneered new forms of being together, worshiping, sharing stories, staying connected. How we cared for each other – surveyed and responded to our members experiencing impacts or special needs in the pandemic, how our Sharing Locker found ways to continue to safely serve those in need who depend on its being there.  We’ll tell stories of how, rather than withdrawing or flailing, our Church was present, with purpose, as a source of welcoming, connection and service, to its community, members and friends.

These are the stories we should tell our grandchildren, and these are the stories we should reflect on as we respond to our 2021 Budget Drive in the coming weeks. Like everything this year, the Budget Drive will be an uphill haul.  Will you help us make it to the top?  Next year promises to continue to be challenging, since we can’t yet see how this ends.  Finance will be part of that challenge, as revenue from rentals and fundraisers will be impacted.  Together, we need to find a way to keep funding the things about Westminster that we value and that make it the special community of caring and purpose that it is.

As of this date, 62 parishioners have pledged $133.266.50 towards our $223,400.00 pledge goal.  If your pledge is not yet part of this total, here’s what you can do:

Consider your pledge in the context of our overall revenue situation – without rental or on-site fundraising, our non-pledge revenues could drop by 40% next year – that is about $18,000 – a sizable hole to fill.  While savings from being closed allow for a $0 increase in the overall budget, the loss of non-pledge income puts the full burden of sustaining our budget on pledging.  Revenue may also decline if some of our members have to reduce their pledge due to lost income or employment due to the pandemic.   Unless we can fill these gaps with increased pledges from those who are able to help, we will have to further cut our budget and services.  If circumstances allow you to commit to a 2% or 5% increase In your pledge this year, your church needs and appreciates your support more than ever. Any increase will help.  If you cannot increase, please sustain your last year’s donation unless you have lost income.

Please return your pledge as soon as possible.  We have instituted new ways for convenient, safe, contact-less pledging, via the website, email or mail.  But having pledges returned as early as possible will help the Board and Finance Committee in its decisions on balancing the budget

To facilitate your pledging, we have 4 options:

1) Send it your pledge card at the bottom of the pledge letter

2) Go to westminsteruu.org and look for the Pledge Now button at the top of the home page, or click on the image on this page.

3) Pledge by email by emailing your pledge to Jan Searles, [email protected]

4) Pledge by phone by calling Jan Searles, 401-885-5073