Led by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

An Invitation to Brave Space

An Invitation to Brave Space

by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Westminster Unitarian Church

October 15, 2017


Reading  Courage  by Sri Chinmoy



Reading  Empower me  by Ted Loder




Sermon (Listen to the sermon here.)

There are some issues that, simply when mentioned, raise tension.  There are some words that have … read more.

Never the Same Stream Twice

One Service at 9:00am in Smith Hall – “No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and they are not the same person.” So wrote ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus. As we prepare to celebrate our Water Communion, we … read more.

UU 101

Unitarian Universalism 101

By Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Westminster Unitarian Church

August 13, 2017



What’s your theology? You try to say the world the way it means to you. You look at what you live and try to speak it; and the mystery turns into a search for language to … read more.

From Aging to Saging

From Aging to Saging

by Rev. Ellen Quaadgras

Westminster Unitarian Church

August 6, 2017


Video: https://www.facebook.com/radiocbc/videos/10153583038166913/

 Reading: http://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/index.php?date=2010/06/12



Three weeks ago, I was at the Lifespan Religious Education conference on Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire. On Friday of that week, at 4:55 am, I was … read more.

Faith of the Future

“You are, in my estimation, the church of the new millennium,” writes Diana Eck, professor of religion at Harvard, “in a world divided by race and by religion and ideology, … [it] is a beacon.” Unitarian Universalism offers us a powerful inheritance: a mind-opening take … read more.

Dedicated to the Earth

Today, we will celebrate and dedicate the installation of Westminster’s long-anticipated solar panels, representing our commitment to live our values and do what we can to care for our earth. In light of that dedication and the upcoming Climate March, today’s service will explore what … read more.

Being/Becoming a Person of Passion

“The original, shimmering self gets buried so deep most of us end up hardly living out of it at all.” ~ Frederick Buechner. Enthusiasm, excitement, passion – while these can get obscured in the process of growing up, we never completely lose them. Somehow, somewhere, … read more.